Johanna bramli

Composition | Installation | Performance


Commissioned by the Brighton Festival 2015, Ed Chivers and I were invited to create a piece to complement Gauge, a sonic playground exploring weather, water and scale.


The child // Dance Score

Collaboration with dancer/choreographer Gil Kerer


dive // dance score

Collaboration with choreographer Gil Kerer and producer Anat Cederbaum


requiem for a building // audiotecture

As a collaboration between metaLuna, and AK/DK, Requiem for a Building attempts  to give life to a building through audio visual performances and installation. We explore the relationship between architecture, sound and visuals and create improvised pieces.

Forming a part of ‘A Nod to Cage’ at the De La Warr Pavilion in May 2011, we took inspiration from John Cage’s ‘Cartridge Music’ to literally play the building.


Beehive // Dance score

Dance for Camera collaboration with Giuseppe Greco and Marie Elodie Vattoux