Johanna bramli

Composition | Installation | Performance



Debut LP 'Matters' out 28 September 2018 on

Lost Rooms Records

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The Larsens (French for the tone created by sonic feedback) is an all female noise / feedback choir co-founded and directed by Megan Clifton and myself. The group of female experimental vocalists are using their voices through various devices such as amps, synthesizers, telephone intercoms etc… to create a disembodied choir. By using a range of technological tools, we want to challenge how women in society are meant to be seen or be heard. What is assumed by someone’s tone of voice? Can a disembodied voice better match what the body wants to communicate?


Commissioned by the Brighton Festival 2015, Ed Chivers and I were invited to create a piece to complement Gauge, a sonic playground exploring weather, water and scale.

The child // Dance Score

Collaboration with dancer/choreographer Gil Kerer

dive // dance score

Collaboration with choreographer Gil Kerer and producer Anat Cederbaum

requiem for a building // audiotecture

As a collaboration between metaLuna, and AK/DK, Requiem for a Building attempts  to give life to a building through audio visual performances and installation. We explore the relationship between architecture, sound and visuals and create improvised pieces.

Forming a part of ‘A Nod to Cage’ at the De La Warr Pavilion in May 2011, we took inspiration from John Cage’s ‘Cartridge Music’ to literally play the building.

Damo SUzuki's Network // Film

In 2011, I had the chance to meet Damo Suzuki (Can) and direct a short movie on the musical and collaborative journey to 'instantly compose' with local 'sound carriers' he embarked on in 2003. 

Damo Suzuki's Network - Born out of Chaos, follows him in February and March 2011 in Brixton, Brighton and Berlin.

The metahub // Interdisciplinary platform 

I am a co-founder and chair of the Metahub, a multidisciplinary platform for collaborative practice which took shape in 2008. The Metahub has been ACE-funded and the central event of Nuit Blanche/White Night in Brighton&Hove and Amiens in 2011.