Johanna bramli

Composition | Installation | Performance

Damo SUzuki's Network // Film

In 2011, I had the chance to meet Damo Suzuki (Can) and direct a short movie on the musical and collaborative journey to 'instantly compose' with local 'sound carriers' he embarked on in 2003. 

Damo Suzuki's Network - Born out of Chaos, follows him in February and March 2011 in Brixton, Brighton and Berlin.


The metahub // Interdisciplinary platform 

I am a co-founder and chair of the Metahub, a multidisciplinary platform for collaborative practice which took shape in 2008. The Metahub has been ACE-funded and the central event of Nuit Blanche/White Night in Brighton&Hove and Amiens in 2011.


The Woo!worths // band

From 2008 to 2012 I played, recorded and toured with quirky pop band The Woo!worths.