Johanna bramli

Composition | Installation | Performance

Musician, sound artist, composer and performer. Works with textures,

noise, sonic spaces, audience interaction and sensory perception.

Lecturer in sound art, composition for media, performance-based

practice and musicology. One half of electronic/motorik/pop band

Fröst, and founder of all-female noise/feedback

improv choir The Larsens.


Contact: // +44 (0) 7763 806 726

Photography: Eva Bowan



"Working with Jo has always been very inspiring as well productive and fruitful. She absolutely understands dance ­the process of a piece, its timings, and has an ability to respond musically in a coherent and wholesome way to the abstract art form that is contemporary dance...There is always room for dialogue and getting to understand one another and the themes involved in depth, alongside work that is very intuitive and flowing.

In each process we had together there were magical moments of discovery, when the music she created for us was just so right, both surprising and so incredibly fitting for the work. A few times during the processes we had together, the first take of the music was the one we ended up using.. it somehow just happened. We were also astounded during our processes together, to discover that the music revealed the dance/choreography, as much as the dance revealed the music. It's something one can never expect when working on a piece...

On top of high production values and professionalism, and an innate sensitivity to both creative dialogue and dance as content, creating together with Jo we trust a highly collaborative and sensitive process, of which the result has always been original and unique. Above and all Jo is an absolute pleasure to work with."

Anat Cederbaum & Gil Kerer, 2016